VR Cambass Cultural District.

The organizations Art New York ES Corp, Cambass Gallery and the Clean Trash Project, led by Maestro Mauricio Mayorga, we are pleased to announce the great launch of VR Cambass Cultural District, with the institutional support of Walking Through Art and Arts Without Borders for Peace.

VR Cultural District Cambass is a technological platform, based on the development of virtual reality. Where art, the engines of 3D animation and digital architecture, come together to generate a new strategy, which is focused on the promotion, dissemination and cultural education.

VR Cambass Cultural District, as the name implies, is a district created at a fictional point in New York City. It is a virtual world, which evokes art and culture and is made up of multiple places such as the VR Cambass Museum, Cambass Station, Alliance of the America Gallery, Art New York Galery, The Great International Art Fair and many more places.

VR Cambass Cultural District, is preparing its launch through the opening of the VR Cambass Museum, which will take place in July. VR Cambass Museo has exhibition rooms, such as the Venus Room, MM Mauricio Mayorga, Walking Through Art, Urban Room, Universal Art Room, Cristal Room and others. In the museum we will find artists from all over the world who have stood out for their work, the universal art that cannot be missing in a museum and exhibitions of works by entities that throughout history are part of the good cultural development of humanity.

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