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We are VR Cambass, we are the world's largest virtual art 3D complex.


Launch of the VR Cambass Cultural District.


The VR Cambass Cultural District, is the largest virtual cultural complex in the world, which is strategically located in a virtual point in New York City, becoming the 6th virtual district of the Big Apple. This project was born from the great alliance of two leading firms in cultural management, Edwin Salgado, CEO of Art New York ES Corp, Eliana Pedroza, director of Cambass Gallery and the unconditional support of other international entities that are linked to the alliance to work together for the proper development of art and culture worldwide.


We are born as an alternative in this period of pandemic that has reduced the projection and promotion of artists.

VR Cambass is an application which uses video game development technology to create 3D virtual spaces to support and promote art.

VR Cambass is the union of art and technology in support of all visual artists worldwide. VR Cambass, made its test launch on July 20 of this year through the first and largest virtual 3D art complex in the world.


The organizations Art New York ES Corp. and Cambass Gallery , we are pleased to announce the great launch of VR Cambass and The First World Art Festival VR  with the institutional support of Walking, Art4you Gallery from Dubai, Puerto Rican Family Institute from New New York, Casa De La Amapola Foundation  from Spain, Señor Valdez Gallery from Mexico, Premio Internacional Iberoamericano Nevado de Oro from Argentina, Museo Empresarial y Cultural Colombia from Miami, Rinconesartes International Foundation from Colombia and all international networks.


VR  Cambass is a technological platform, based on the development of virtual reality. Where art, the engines of 3D animation and digital architecture, come together to generate a new strategy, which is focused on the promotion, dissemination and cultural education.

The VR Cambass application is a great strategy where we unite the art and technology of video games as a tool used to improve good socio-cultural development and promote art, culture, education and recreation. VR Cambass will also allow us to promote and promote artists from all over the world by means of the diffusion of their works on the virtual platform.

The VR Cambass application will lead you to the largest virtual cultural complex in the world, the VR Cambass Cultural District.

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