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AR and Interactivity ART

Edwin Salgado Villarreal, although figurative, his works are transformed into elaborate pieces of contemporary art through interactivity.

Edwin delves into interactivity, using augmented reality to highlight his works. Thus becoming one of the most important artists in the management of augmented reality in his work.


He currently has a permanent exhibition of his work in augmented reality, applied to several of the works of great artists such as  Picazo, Van Gogh, Wyeth, Rousseau and Chirico at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, MoMA.

Edwin prepares a great international tour of England, Spain, France, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina, a tour that the artist has called "World Invasion 2022".

Edwin Salgado Villarreal, is the creative element and developer of the most important virtual art application in the world, the  "VR Cambass"  and the largest 3D Virtual Cultural Complex in the world,  "VR Cambass Virtual Cultural District", which is the 6th virtual district of New York.

•Edwin Salgado Villarreal leads Colombia and the United States, as the largest developers of artistic and cultural projects in 3D virtuality.  Thus, becoming a new way of using technology to disseminate, support and promote art and its creators around the world

Examples of my augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and interactivity works

ArtVT Kids 1.jpg
Nevado Para google.jpg
Para G 2.jpg

AR / MoMA Invasion 2021

AR / Pelican

VR / Ernesto Rios Museum

VR / Cambass Cultural District of New York

VR / International Cine Festival of Bogota

Comin soon  -  Art New York Metaverse

If you are interested in having an artwork, virtual space to show your work or something more. You can write to the artist or Art New York ES Corp here:

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