Piramidismo Cromatico logo.png

Piramidismo Cromatico

           (Chromatic Pyramidism)

Chromatic Pyramidism, a new pictorial trend
"Chromatic Pyramidism", a new pictorial trend created by plastic artists Gonzalo Tayo Silva (GOTASI), an Ecuadorian painter, and Ernesto Ríos Rocha, a Mexican muralist.

The invited artists, through this current, intertwine brushstrokes, lines and colors, create fabrics of unmistakable shapes, which can not only give a realism, surrealism or abstractionism, but can also reach hyper-realism, taking up the planes, volumes, vibrations, rhythms, statics. and movement, always preserving that pyramidal character of geometric or vegetative lines and chromatic staggered and of course its peculiar weave of chromatic threads.

This pictorial movement seeks to stimulate all the intrinsic senses in the human being and leads to the creation of works that will be easy to understand and visual recognition, works that create a direct connection with pleasure and beauty in the viewer, a link with recognized and integrated elements. in the subconscious of whoever looks at it.


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