VR Ernesto Rios Museum

The Ernesto Ríos Virtual Museum is a space created to provide the world with one of the best virtual spaces to enjoy art.

Ernesto Rios Rocha, Mexican artist, considered one of the most important living mural artist in the world.

The Ernesto Rios Virtual Museum is a space created as a tribute to the artist's career and outstanding career.

The museum aims to support the worldwide cultural promotion of outstanding artists, who work for the proper development of culture and society.

The Virtual Museum, has several virtual spaces and one of them is the Virtual Room of Chromatic Pyramidism, Gonzalo Tayo Silva "GOTASI" ,. Exhibition space that is launched next to the Museum in the city of Ambato Ecuador and will be the official virtual headquarters of Chromatic Pyramidism.

The virtual spaces can be enjoyed on the web and a virtual 3D downloadable on mobile devices from its launch in Ecuador.

Worldwide release November 6. Download the virtual museum from this date.

Sala Piramidismo Cromatico ( Gonzalo Tallo Silva) 3.jpg